If this is not a question you are asking yourself as a leader, as a consequence you may be missing great opportunities and your competition will be leaving you behind.

If you are curious about this question you will be on the right track, and we are here to give you assistance.

What if you knew:

1. How READY they are to fulfill their tasks?
2. How ENGAGED they are in the tasks that lay before them?
3. How likely they are to follow through and actually DO what needs to be done?
4. What type and level of support do they need to get them on track and KEEP THEM on track?

and then deliver the needed support.

If you knew the answers to these questions you will see, immediately, why your employees are not at the place that they should be today, why they are perhaps not performing as well as expected, why they are stuck at some places and why they are accelerating at others.

When your employees feel there is collaboration on key objective issues, you are keeping them engaged, developing their leadership skills and creating loyalty.

This is exactly what we at I.K. are trained to do and help our customers with.

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Here’s to your company’s success

What makes you a great leader?

Must you know it all and be the smartest person in the company?

Well not only is that impossible but it is also not necessary.

If you are in charge of a team or a company the best you can do for your company is to recruit, retain and empower great people around you.

In the days when I was working as a Pan European Manager, I made sure I had great people in my team and that they were stimulated to give their best. We were not only the most productive but also the ones with the least sick leave hours and the lowest employee turnaround. A stable group with high productivity. This is not always as easy to accomplish as it may seem.

How do you make sure you get the great people to join your team. How do you know that someone will fit in and perform all the critical mission activities at a high productive level?

I only wish I knew of Change Works then, as it would have made my life much easier in choosing the right candidates and keeping them on the right track.

If you are interested in creating a business climate with employees who will not only consistently meet but also exceed expectations in these challenging times, have a look at Change Works.


Heres to your success!

Even when I was working as a OEM Manager for a Taiwanese company on Pan European level and way before I started focusing on Coaching, I have always stated that people ARE willing to give 100% effort for a company they are working for.
Whether or not this will happen depends mostly upon how they will be led. And I don’t mean just by someone else but also by themselves.
Of course you always have your odd man out so to speak but in general this is so.

At this point I always like to make the following parallel:
What is the worst punishment one might get in a prison? It’s the isolation cell, right?
Well, we need to realize that there are way to many people out there, working for someone while they have more or less the same feelings accompanied by someone in isolation.

We need to be seen, we need to be heard, we need to be respected for what and who we are so we can tap into our great potential.
We need to be stimulated. It’s not just too much stress that affects us in a bad way. The other side of the coin is just as bad.
When nothing happens. You’re not seen, you’re not heard, you are not respected or you are simply not motivated, for whatever reason.
Production will be void in both scenarios.

Here is also something interesting to think about. How many companies spend a lot of time and money to get their employees educated?
Many. And it’s a good thing, right? Well yes if it has a very important follow-up.
If you get people gain all this knowledge and experience but the job stays the same, the challenge stays the same, what will happen?
Very little. In other words this person will not really be stimulated to be very productive.

So the trick is how to reach and maintain the productivity level you need?

Good leadership? What makes a good leader?

In my opinion a great leader can think creatively and expansively both collectively and individually for the team and for themselves.

A great leader has the capability not to make followers but to create a leader in all of us!